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GENERAL TURBO USA is the American branch of GENERAL TURBO S.A which is an important European producer of energetic equipment (steam turbine, electrical generators, pumps, steam and gas turbine components) and supplier of complete services in energy industry.

General Turbo

GENERAL TURBO won during its over 45 years of experience the status of main supplier of power generation equipment for power plants using classic or nuclear combustible. The turbine design is based on the licenses from:
TG 330 MW - Rateau Schneider France, TG 706 MW - General Electric USA and MAN GHH Germany for rotating volumetric compressors.

GENERAL TURBO is currently manufacturing the following new type of products:

  • Large steam turbines for power plants, classic and nuclear field, based on experience accumulated by producing turbines under foreign licenses completely assimilated, as follows:
    • For nuclear field - 706 MW turbines
    • For classic field - turbines with power ranging from 150 MW to 350 MW.
  • Small and medium power steam turbines at different power ranging from 0,4 MW to 100 MW for industrial field and power plants.
  • Turbocompressors and Blowers for different type of gases
  • Pumps for different type of fluids – water, oil, petrochemical applications.
  • Electrical Generators & Electrical Motors – from 1 to 700 MW.